About me

Call it passion. Call it an obsession. I'm fascinated by the human psyche. I want to understand why people do what they do. And I want to understand why one person gets stuck in life while another doesn't. This passion has been with me since childhood. I wanted to deeply understand the world. 'When I grow up,' I thought. 'Then I'll understand everything.' I saw a university degree in psychology as the solution to fulfilling my wish. I got disappointed. Although I learnt more about the human psyche and human behavior, it did not give me the satisfaction I wanted. Now I know: university doesn't learn you how to cope with life.

In that period I discovered my feelings and intuition. That was a valuable addition to my well-developed rationality. When I also discovered yoga and understood that a good feeling can be trained not only physically but also mentally, I had all the tools to feel 100% comfortable within myself. Since then, I no longer experience prolonged restlessness, and I feel happy.

Mental fitness as a path to feeling happy and fullfilled

On this path to more happiness, I've learned a lot. I use this knowledge to inspire and help as many people as I can. How amazing would it be if everyone in the world knew how to make themselves happy? Both professionally and personally? Because I believe it's possible. If people just know what to do: strengthen their mental fitness, train their mindset and get deep insight in how life works.  

This is a topic I've been studying for over 25 years. With optimal mental fitness (by using 6 pillars as a guideline: 1. know yourself, 2. heal yourself, 3. take care of yourself, 4. accept yourself, 5. connect yourself and 6. empower yourself) prolonged restlessness, stress, uncomfortable feelings, and feelings of 'Is this all there is in life?' are history. 

Without healthy employees, no well-functioning company

And how amazing would it be if organizations also realized that mentally fit employees lead to better business results? And not only realize this but also take action on it. For example, by coaching managers to see the person behind an employee. In stead of focusing on the financial figures. Or by mentally training and strengthening employees. So that employees can perform even better from internal motivation and get sick less often.

Additionally, I love to share my passion publicly. Through words and writing. If it touches on health, happiness and inspiring others to make better choices in life, it makes me happy.

All of the above is my biggest motivator in everything I do in my entrepreneurship. It is part of my big WHY.

Want real results? 

I stand for quality. In addition to various scientific educations, I have over 25 years of work experience. In these 25 years, I have physically and mentally guided, coached, and/or trained thousands of people. I combine body, mind and spirit, but with both feet on the ground. Because in this 3D world, intention and action are essential to achieve goals.

For those who are more interested in CVs. View it here. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn. I post updates twice a week. You can also follow me on Instagram or Facebook. Read one of the hundreds of blogs I have written over the years to get a good impression of my expertise and me as a person. (all in Dutch, I will post blogs in English soon)

The other roles of Louise

Besides being a psychologist, speaker, coach and trainer, I am also a mom to Emily (6) and a partner to Wout. Our cat Mysti is also part of our family. As a person, I am calm, enthusiastic, curious, creative, eager to learn, and modest. And of course, I'm crazy about yoga and personal development. It's a part of my daily life and provides me with the right balance between body, mind, and spirit.