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To be healthy, both physically and mentally. To feel happiness and be successful, both from within and from the outside. You are conscious and awake. You want to gain more control over your life and your sense of inner happiness. Goal-oriented. Without too much blah blah. Do you want this too? Then there are various options to achieve this.

1-on-1 BOOST session (1 hour)

You need a pep talk and an energy boost. An advice session. More insight into a topic you're struggling with. And you want concrete tools to tackle your problem. Without delving deep into your past, but focused on the future. A 1-on-1 BOOST session is specifically designed for that purpose.

After this session, you will go home feeling lighter, with less burden on your shoulders, more confidence in the future, and a greater sense of positivity. Also available online.

1-on-1 BOOST session PLUS (1.5 hours)

You want more depth and you want to get to know yourself better. You want to uncover unconscious patterns and understand why you do the things you do. Perhaps you are a true 'pleaser', find it difficult to say NO, and are mainly caring for other people, but not for yourself.

You have tried everything, but you are still not entirely satisfied. You really want to take the next step now. You don't want a super long process, but you do want practical tools based on depth. Then opt for the Reflact© measurement.

You fill in this measurement online in 12 minutes. We will discuss the results in this session. Combined with my years of expertise as a psychologist and coach, you will then receive all the tools to take the next step in your personal growth yourself.

BOOST Package (3 sessions of 1.5 hours)

You want more than just a one-time boost. In 3 sessions, you delve deeper into the topics you are struggling with. Being successful, both inside and out, is the guideline. Together we will make a plan of action to achieve this feeling of inner success and happiness. After these three sessions, you will feel more self-confident, you will be able to guard your boundaries well, and you will have tools to strengthen your sense of inner happiness.

This package is especially suitable for ambitious people who are stressed and want to prevent a serious burnout. In addition to talk sessions, we do relaxation exercises and breathing exercises so that you feel relaxed after each session. Available both online and face-to-face.

1-on-1 BOOST intensive (6-month program)

You're all in! You want to work sustainably on your body & mind. On your sense of inner happiness. You want to be authentic, full of self-confidence, give from sincerity and not from old patterns, shine from the outside, and make choices that suit your unique personality. After these 6 months, you will have an excellent idea of what you want in life. In addition, you will have all the tools to take control of your inner happiness yourself.

No airy-fairy stuff, but with me as a body and mind expert by your side. The 6 pillars for a happy life form the common thread in this trajectory. Expect not only talk sessions. You will delve deep, mentally, physically, and emotionally. With positivity and inner strength as the starting points. This trajectory is offered preferably face-to-face.

Want to know more about the exact content? Or do you want to first get acquainted to be absolutely sure that I am the coach who suits you? Feel free to contact me without any obligation. Also read the customer testimonials below.

Results guaranteed

With 25 years of experience and having coached and trained thousands of individuals, I guarantee results. Would you like to have a free 10-minute session?

Yvette van Etten (career advisor)

"From various counseling sessions I have conducted as a career advisor, I have referred clients to Louise, who utilizes her expertise as a work and organizational psychologist. Louise focuses on the client's strengths and excels in enhancing these strengths.

She approaches this from a positive psychology and solution-focused perspective. Louise is capable of providing clients with practical tools that are easily applicable to their real life situations.

After Louise's intervention, clients returned to me with increased self-confidence and positive energy, enabling them to take the necessary steps in their careers with courage."


A selection of other customer comments

"I am eternally grateful for your coaching, please continue doing what you do." - Corinne

"The most important thing I've learned is that I no longer have to criticize myself. I have more self confidence. I am very glad that you came into my life." - Dirkje

"We delved deep quickly. I gained many insights. Unlike many therapies I've had where it took, figuratively speaking, 10 sessions to reach that depth." - Sandra

"You listened, never glanced at your watch, never judged me. I always felt good when I was with you, and when I left, I could face things again for a while. I don't know how to thank you for this." - Marcel

"You are a pleasant person to talk to. You work effectively and efficiently. I have learned to have more kindness and self compassion towards myself." - Jesron

"Thank you for providing a listening ear. It was good to share some things without immediately receiving a follow-up question or drawing a conclusion." - Mariska

"Everything is going well now, you have helped me so much, thank you!" - Janske

"I found the conversations very pleasant, enjoyable, and valuable." - Janco

"Thank you for everything, I have learned a lot about myself. Tip? Keep being yourself!" - Anouk

"Thank you so much, I was really in a dark place. You really helped me move forward." - Terry

"Thanks to you, I have discovered what was really bothering me. Thank you so much!" - Emma

Lindsay van der Looij

"From the first contact, I felt very comfortable with Louise. She quickly gets to the core, has a good listening ear with appropriate advice.

I have gained more insight and (self) confidence in myself. Louise does all of this in a very pleasant and calm manner. Thank you very much for this!"

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