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Stress and other Health related Keynote Presentation

Speaking on stage is something anyone can do. However, captivating and engaging an audience on stage is not everyone's expertise. Speaking is indeed a skill of its own. Perhaps you recall that boring speaker who nearly put you to sleep. Or the one who simply read off their PowerPoint slides. A good keynote speaker considers more than just the information they want to convey. A good speaker interacts with the audience, makes the presentation incredibly interesting, and ensures that the majority of attendees are touched.

Are you in search of such a speaker? A speaker who enjoys discussing health-related topics such as stress management, mental or physical fitness, work happiness, self-confidence, or purpose? And a speaker who can provide practical tips for the audience in an inspiring way? Then contact me to discuss your needs.

Stress and other Health related Workshop or Training 

Does your organization want to help employees better cope with work pressure? Or does your organization want to mentally train employees so they can better handle setbacks? Goal oriented, practical, and with an eye for personal issues? I offer various training options tailored to the specific target group and needs of the organization. Especially for educational institutions, I have developed the Mental Fitness course based on 6 pillars. Do you have other preferences? Let me know here.

Less Stress LinkedIn Content Creation Training

Want to be visible on LinkedIn? So you can get more customers? Or work on brand building? But does content creation stress you out? I developed an offer called 'With confidence visible on LinkedIn.' This offer is specifically made for small business owners because I noticed that they often find it challenging to write and post content frequently. Questions like: what should I post? Is my post interesting enough? And how do I ensure it doesn't come off as too salesy or artificial? These are important considerations when producing your content to attract potential customers.

After 3 sessions, you will have content for at least 3 months, which I will provide feedback on. Additionally, following these 3 sessions, you can confidently work on your marketing and brand building. Are you curious about my LinkedIn content? View it here and feel free to send me a connection request. I post twice a week about health-related matters.

No time to write and create? 

Don't want to write yourself but still need good content to attract more customers or work on brand building? I can write and create it for you. Authentically and with a personal touch.

Interested in a free call?

Don't hesitate to reach out to me. I will gladly answer your questions. 

Mehtap Kocer, controller at Vereniging Milieudefensie

"Louise actively listens to the needs of her clients and creatively and effectively translates them into concrete solutions. Her approach is personal, and she establishes a confidential atmosphere that allows people to feel comfortable speaking openly. She is not afraid to take on challenges, and her knowledge and experience enable her to grasp complex situations and respond appropriately. She thinks outside the box and motivates others to consider new perspectives on problems.

Additionally, Louise is a true inspiration. She conveys her enthusiasm in an infectious manner, motivating people to bring out the best in themselves and assisting them in developing new skills and achieving their goals. If you are looking for a professional who is innovative, inspiring, and results-oriented, I highly recommend Louise. She is a valuable addition to any team or individual seeking growth and development."

Mirte van der Nat & Geert Kruijswijk at Navigating Stress

"Louise has a unique talent for motivating people to address their mental well-being. As a trainer, she radiates passion, shares lively anecdotes, and prompts action. Louise consistently manages to inspire participants and open them up to new insights. Additionally, she creates accessible content with a personal touch that aligns with the Navigating Stress philosophy and inspires others!"

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