Can I be succesful and spiritual at the same time?

12 Jun 2024

In a world where the rat race toward success and material prosperity often prevails, the idea of combining ambition with spirituality may seem contradictory. Yet, I believe these two aspects are quite compatible. In fact, the more spiritual you are, the more success you will achieve. In this blog, you will find 10 tips to combine your business acumen with your sense of spirituality.

1. Gain clarity on your true goals
Your true goals go beyond the sales you aim to achieve each year, the house you want to buy, or the polished state of your LinkedIn profile. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these things, unless they only provide brief satisfaction. Consider this: what footprint do you want to leave on this world? How do you want to be remembered as a person? What do you want to mean to other people? Take the time to answer these questions independently of external expectations or societal norms.

2. Live in the now
Are you ambitious and want to achieve goals? Then the pitfall is that you are constantly preoccupied with these goals and thus the future. Spiritual practices such as mindfulness and meditation can help you live in the moment and enjoy the process of growth and development. Later is beautiful. Now is better.

3. Work on gratitude
Gratitude is a broad concept. In relation to ambition, gratitude means being thankful for the life you are living now and the successes you have achieved. Dissatisfaction with goals you have not yet accomplished can hinder gratitude. Reflect daily on all your successes, both small and large. The latter is often overlooked by ambitious and self-critical individuals.

4. Work from your passion and higher self
This point is connected to point 1. When you focus your energy on social guidelines of success, such as getting a good job, making a lot of money or keeping up appearances, you are less connected with your passion and your true self. Dare to be truly honest with yourself. Are you doing things in alignment with your higher self? (Which doesn't neccessarily means that you never experience obstacles). Or are you doing them purely to keep the stove burning or to maintain your luxury lifestyle? 

5. Be of service
You did not come into this world solely to achieve personal successes that benefit only you and those close to you. Find ways to assist others and contribute to the well-being of society as a whole. Share your talents, aspirations, desires, and resources with society. By doing so, you not only amplify your positive impact and footprint, but also foster your spiritual growth.

6. Listen to your feelings and intuition
Our rationality grants us the ability to think critically. However, it can also lead to significant confusion. This is because every individual is instilled with beliefs from birth by educators and society. These beliefs can obstruct authentic answers—answers that are unique to you. Dare to give your feelings and intuition a strong voice in your daily pursuit of ambition. Often, our heart and gut know more than our head.

7. Maintain balance and take time to recover
Actively pursuing your goals is important. However, it's also crucial to take sufficient time for reflection and recovery. During these moments of rest, you can engage in activities such as self-reflection, meditation, or walking in nature. Not only are these moments beneficial for rejuvenation, but they also help you stay connected to your authentic self. Are you still engaging in activities that align with your values? Or are you perhaps being swayed by the distractions of the day or your surroundings?

8. Embrace learning opportunities
View challenges and setbacks as chances for personal growth and spiritual development. Be open to learning from every experience, regardless of whether it appears positive or negative. What message does this learning moment hold for you? How can you approach things differently? Alternatively, could these setbacks be signals that you are not on the right path? Always dare to be honest, critical, and gentle with yourself.

9. Embrace growth
Continuously challenge yourself in a positive manner and pursue personal growth, both professionally and spiritually. Don't rush this process; after all, you're not an express train 😉, but also allow growth to happen organically. There may be times when you can dedicate more time to it than others. In this process, too, it's important to be gentle with yourself, allowing your feelings and intuition to guide you.

10. Trust in the universe
Alternatively, if you find this concept too abstract, trust in life and the world around you. Every day, life sends you signals to guide you towards living authentically. Feel free to seek out these signals. They might come in the form of setbacks, encounters with certain people, or insights gained from random conversations.

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