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Mental Health Empowerment specializes in mental fitness, stress management, well-being, and purpose. My approach is goal-oriented and solution-focused. Need this expertise? Contact me.

Health & strategy

As an organization, you strive for the best business results. Financial results are determined by your employees. Employees who are well balanced and can cope with stress are less likely to get sick while maximizing business results.

Does your organization want to take wellness and health to the next level?

Inspiration & creation

Are you looking for an expert for a presentation, workshop, or training in the areas of stress management, workload, work-life balance, mental fitness, self-confidence, or purpose?

Or are you looking for a content creator in the field of health? 

Coaching & growth

Feeling healthy. Confident. Balanced. Satisfied. And resilient. Knowledge is power. Applying knowledge and transforming yourself into the best version you can be; that is supreme power.

Do you want to achieve this purposefully through a concrete action plan? Or any of your employees?

Latest blogs

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In a world where the rat race toward success and material prosperity often prevails, the idea of combining ambition with spirituality may seem contradictory. Yet, I believe these two aspects are quite compatible. In fact, the more spiritual you...

Health blog and website in English

As of today I will also post more health related content in English to help you get a more conscious, healthier, stress free lifestyle. Content related to body, mind & spirit, with my background as a psychologist, yoga and breath teacher....

About me

I stand for professionalism and quality. In addition to various scientific education, I have over 25 years of work experience in a variety of roles. During these 25 years, I have coached and trained thousands of individuals, both physically and mentally. I integrate body, mind, and spirit, while remaining grounded. Because in this world, taking action with purpose is essential for achieving goals.

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